News From Filotrax

  • How about cutting your own records at home!

    Home Vinyl Recorder - Phonocut
  • Great Tools for indexing your record collection!

    Getting your records in some sort of order will give you the ability to find what your looking for fast! Having a neat and tidy collection is satis...
  • Summers Gone!?

    Looks like it could be the end of summer with more wet and windy weather to follow but dont despare. Why not spend your free time getting your reco...
  • 12" Dividers back in!

    All now back in as of today : )    
  • Innovative Record Browsing!

    Red Robin Records Aberdeen have come up with a different approach to browsing their stock that pulls the crates round on a pulley chain carousel ty...
  • #rsd2019 Record Store Day UK Participating Shops

    RSD 2019 SHOPLIST its tommorow : )
  • Did someone say oldskool?

    Just a plug for my old mate Graham who is currently selling his prized oldskool vinyl. Includes classic hardcore & early Drum & Bass they...
  • Record Grading - Beginers Guide

    Grading Records and CDs can be tricky for beginners - heres a general guide plus some handy tips for success.
  • Sleeve Notes - The Joy Of Vinyl!

    Heres an old inner sleeve explaing why vinyl records are so good!    For closeups an more on this article please click here    
  • Its easy from A to Z - Divide & Conquer!

    Checkout our range of kits for vinyl records, CD and DVD that come with A to Z labels.

    MARCH 2019 STOCK UPDATE All divider formats are now fully restocked and ready to send: 12" BLACK / WHITE 7" BLACK  / WHITE CD DIVIDERS Black / Whit...
  • Stock Update For 12" LP dividers

    MARCH 13th 2019 - Our 12" LP dividers are running low, we do have a small number of white left as of today - however dont worry as we will be resto...