News From Filotrax

  • More stock back in today!

    Now fully restocked on following and ready to send: 12" white dividers CD in all colours Shelf Markers - for books, Records stored 'spine on' and o...
  • Premium Card Sleeves for 12"s

    now in stock - mixed colour packs of replacement sleeves for 12" LP's here  
  • Record Shop CD collection separators index tabs markers.

    Hard wearing plastic divider cards for organising CD shelves. Multi colours available - put your comp[act discs in order!
  • Universal Shelf Markers [back in stock! today]

    Versatile shelf markers are now back in stock. Great for organising any type of media stored on bookshelves including: library books CD Compact Di...

    12" DIVIDERS BACK IN READY TO SHIP! HERE   Our 12" dividers - for organising records either vertically or horizontally. Large easy to see tabs, to...
  • More Stock Incoming!! - Pre Order Now!

    Sorry we have been sold out of the 12" dividers for a while now but more will be in next week - now taking pre-orders likewise the shelf markers wi...
  • Do you sell vinyl? - Record Shops wanted

    Clear Groove record cleaning fluid available in bulk to small independent retailers, find out more here
  • Universal Shelf Markers

    Our universal shelf markers can be used to separate sections & categories or create A to Z filing systems for physical media including books, C...
  • Stock Back In

    CD DIVIDERS WHITE BACK IN✔😊   12" BLACK BACK IN STOCK✔😎   7" white / black & 12" white back in stock a few days🤞
  • Clear Groove to clean vinyl records!

    Effective vinyl cleaning fluids from Clear Groove - in stock here or available at Clear Groove website Trade enquiries a...
  • CD Dividers

    Plenty now in stock! Choose from a range of colours in various pack sizes to suit small and large collections.  
  • Order Now In Time For Xmas!

    Dividers make a thoughtful present for someone who has a large collection! get your orders in now to ensure pre xmas delivery