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Supplying independant retailers and the general public for over a decade, Filotrax tabbed dividers are a simple way to index physical media such as Vinyl, Compact discs, DVDs and books.

Whether you run a shop, collect old rare punk LP's, or have a huge DVD collection in your man cave - we have a neat solution for getting your discs organised!

Maybe you have a DJ room packed full of crates of records floor to ceiling? and have always intended to put them in order but never got round to it?

Bookworms love our universal shelf markers, hese are also popular with schools, colleges and libraries. - We sell packs large and small in various quantities to suit the needs of both enthusiasts and commercial outlets.

All formats are made from high quality strong but flexible polypropylene plastic  They are easy to clean and are not brittle or too heavy - not likely to damage products.

Retailers large and small, brick and mortar or online will all need to put there stock in order and our dividers do the job nicely!

We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, fast delivery and great products and supply customers all over the World.

Get sorted now with Filotrax!

Formats Currenly available in a range of colours:

12" Vinyl Dividers (vertical or horizontal compatable)
7" Vinyl Single Dividers (vertical or horizontal comapatable)
CD Dividers (tab along spine)
DVD Dividers (tab along spine)
Book Dividers / Universal Shelf Markers (For anything stored on a book shelf)

We offer blanks in black and white colours as standard, plus multi colour sets, A to Z kits and Genre / Category labels. Bulk packs for reatilers and even bespoke / custom dividers also available.

Our dividers are equally suitable for home,office,retail,stock room,libraries,record fairs,book fairs, stall holders, dealers, amazon sellers,ebayers,discoggers, collectors,professional archives, DJ's and hoarders!

Most formats will fit existing storage solutions, for example bookcases, record racks, vinyl crates, bins,boxes, tubs and media shelves.




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