Great Tools for indexing your record collection!

Getting your records in some sort of order will give you the ability to find what your looking for fast!

Having a neat and tidy collection is satisfying plus once they are filed you can keep them that way!

Our dividers are functional and hard wearing, brilliant for collectors and shops or stall holders too. If you are a dealer with a large amount of stock they are pretty much essential. Forget flimsy bits of cardboard - get the professional record dividers from Filotrax.

Our 12" LP dividers & 7" versions can be used in any type of storage and work in 'flick through' display or alternatively 'spine on' bookshelf orientation.

They are slim & flexible but tough, and unlikely to damage records.

Our 12" version has a nice tall easy to see tabs.

Professionally made in the UK,We supply some of the worlds best shops and biggest collectors!

have a look at some customer examples here in the gallery

Fast delivery & currently plenty of stock - its time to get sorted with Filotrax.

Look out for exciting new products coming soon in 2019!