UV Active LP dividers by Filotrax with green coloured tabs
LP Dividers - limited edition tabs
white 12" twelve inch vinyl disc separator with day glow tops
12" record Divider in white - write on with marker pen, great for DJ's
Glowing under ultra violet blacklight - Filotrax divider cards
10 pack record dividers - limited edition fluro tabs
Filotrax 12" inch separator cards for vinyl retailers
glowing tabs by Filotrax
under UV light the tabs of thse dividers glow!
Record Dividers white colour for twelve inch LP
Filotrax Record Dividers (plastic) in browser bins

12" Dividers NEON TABS - Choose Quantity

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Filotrax 12" Record Dividers - Neon Edition! 💚

*New! - Limited Edition Dividers with Super Bright Fluorescent XL Tabs ideal for darker rooms / DJ's / Club use and shops!

 For sorting your record collection.

 Create sections for different Music Genres / Record Labels / Artists / Eras

 Professionally Index / A to Z your tracks

 Suitable for retail use and collectors.

 White plastic 12" record dividers with large easy to see tabs - Made from high quality plastic 800 micron – flexible but strong – Day Glow tabs that can be easily written on with most types of pen.

 The super bright colour makes these really stand out and they will even glow under UV light!

 Can be used vertically or horizontally depending on how your vinyl is kept.
Will fit all existing 12" storage and racking – just allow for 4cm tab protrusion above records.

✔ UV Active – Glow In Dark under black light 😎 Note The green is on one side of the tab only so they can be flipped round for white tab.

XL 4cm high tabs

 Unique product – Made In UK.

Buy some of our new Special Edition Neon Tabs now!

Please choose your pack size.

Please Note some photos shown are under Ultra Violet lighting. 

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