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CD Dividers (Mixed Black & White)
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CD Dividers (Mixed Black & White)
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CD Dividers (Mixed Black & White)

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Filotrax Professional CD Dividers.

Made from approx 1mm thick, black / white plastic, flexible but strong!
50/50 mix of both colours (HALF BLACK / HALF WHITE)
The same size as a CD in a standard jewel case + a tab to be labelled up as required. These can be easily written on with metallic marker pen or apply your own sticky labels. The tab sticks up approx 13mm and runs along the CD spine.

A great way of organising your compact discs!

These will fit most existing CD storage, shelving and racking, simply slot between discs.Get your collection neat, tidy and organised with Filotrax
As used by professional Shop & Archival Index systems.
*all our CD dividers will now come with free blank abels pack (one set per order)