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We provide a range of media dividers and other music accessories exclusively for sale online.

We are a UK registered company (Net Utopia)

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The Filotrax Story

By Adam @ Filotrax.

I worked in a independent music shop (FalconRecords Poole) towards the end of the 1990's. It had small vinyl section and I would often spend my wages on records leaving me skint even on payday! - In the shop they would staple bits of cardboard together in order to create makeshift dividers that always looked a bit scruffy, they were flimsy and often fell apart - This must have planted a seed in my head!!

About Filotrax
Working in record shops for some years further I did my fair share of filing records, CDs and tapes, Putting them away into there correct locations both on the shop floor and behind the scenes.
Some years on when I became a full time record dealer my need for dividers pushed me to design my own filing systems. Going down the DIY route for my own collection and a garage full of stock original ideas included the use of materials such as correx and MDF.
I noticed at that time there was only a small number of existing divider products to choose from. I had seen some nice acrylic dividers but they were a little heavy and stiff -  plus easily scratched.
In around 2008 I started offering some of my early creations for sale and it turned out there was a market for them. I was then approached by a professional manufacturer and I designed the plastic versions you see today made from Polypropylene.

It really is essential when you have a huge load of stock for sale online to have them filed somehow, otherwise you have to sift through thousands of records to find the one you have just sold and need to pack up!
Likewise if you are a avid collector there nothing more annoying than wanting to put a particular track on at that moment and then not being able to find it!

The 12" divider design has evolved slightly (originally the tab was only 19mm high) but after listening to customers and trying different things the larger 40mm tab was decided on as standard. The range has grown to include 7" / CD and DVD with A-Z KITS, Label packs & customised tabs.

I also developed the Clear Groove  brand of record cleaning products.

Its nice to know that many music lovers and cool shops are displaying collections with our tabs : )

We are still a small independent company in an ever growing a competitive market so your custom is very much appreciated!

Thanks for your interest. Keep Vinyl ( and other physical formats) Alive!