Customer Gallery - Record Dividers

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A selection of images from customers showing how they have used Filotrax Dividers.

universal shelf signs

A nice music room, showing how our bookshelf markers can be used to section off vinyl and in the background CDs. 

very tidy!

Black 12" tabs  standing proud of the records in this shop - filed by artist name.

book dividers

a children's library neatly organised by colour coded shelf markers.

Thierry - Switzerland

The feline mascot of Filotrax! - thanks Thierry for this pic. White 12" dividers organising this collection.

Digbeth records seperating there 12" storage cubes with our twelve inch tabs.

 Shop Display -Analogue October  - 12" rack

Analogue October, A lovely shop in Winchester sporting Filotrax tabs.

Manders Media

 Record Dealers will find the 7" dividers ideal for an A to Z filing system making it easier to find a specific tune!

CD Albums Rack - Manders Media

CD Dividers - 'spine on' storage here A to Z


Vinyl Therapy! - even more therapeutic when organised nicely : )

Adam  - Filotrax 12" dividers

DJs can separate their collection by genre as here - or perhaps BPM (beats per minute) or musical style...........


Browsing made easy with Filotrax TABBED DIVIDERS.

12" LP A-Z - Mander media

Get organised!


 Shop Filing of 12" records

sorted vinyl!


LP Display - Analogue October

Nice vinyl bins divided with Filotrax - loving the neon sign too !


Filotrax - CD A-Z

A to Z your CDs!


Fluro A-Z dividers for CD

neon circular stickers here - nice and bright!


Filotrax - Easily Customised!

We supply a selection of stickers for your tabs including genres, alphabet, eras and more. Bespoke printing and logos also available.

Get your discs sorted!

 Get your LP collection sorted!

Thierry - Labeled nicely with dymo label writer

oldskool Dymo machine used for the LP tabs here : ) like it👆


LP Tabs

7" 45rpm pleasure : )


A-Z dividers by Filotrax.

our nice and easy to see tabs can be used vertically or horizontally on most vinyl storage shelves and units, shop racking, flick throughs.

Record Dividers

Divide & Conquer!


sort your records out!


organised LPs!

outdoor market in Europe, Barcelona, HDS love our 12" dividers for vinyl: )

record fair from HDS Collectors, Spain - Showing 12" divider cards

Filotrax in Barcelona Spain here

LP Dividers

shop racks sorted with our record dividers.

 LP Dividers example of use in shop

black 12" record dividers looking good here☝

 black LP Dividers

 an innovative record display!


more examples here