Labeling Guide

Tab Labeling Guide:

There are many options for full customisation of our dividers to suit your needs.

We offer a range of products including pre printed labels.
If you purchase blank dividers here are some options available to you:


  • MARKER PEN -  direct to plastic. For our white dividers most permanent markers will be fine for quickly writing out tabs. For black and other coloured plastic you will want metallic ink if writing directly on the plastic.  We highly recommend the Sharpie range of pens available in Bronze, gold and silver.
  • PEN WITH STICKY LABELS - Simply choose a suitable sized blank label and write on it with whatever you want! some of our products include blank labels as standard where stated. We sometimes carry suitable marker pens in stock.
  • LABEL WRITERS - For that professional finish the best solution is a dedicated label writing machine, there are lots of models that are very affordable and widely available and you can choose the colour combination to suit you. These labels are weatherproof and durable too. Look for machines made by Brother and Dymo.
  • PRINT LABELS ON A PC -  with standard printer. Take note of tab height and length and choose A4 Sheets that best match, use templates commonly available online - a good provider of these sorts of labels is Avery who also have software for you to work with - There are also word templates for most sticker sizes that you can work on with your computer. Some free downloadable templates are available below.
  • OUR KITS - We offer a growing range of label packs such as genre / A to Z, blank and fluro versions which will make customisation easier - please take a look at our labels section.
  • PROFESSIONAL VINYL LABELS & OTHER CUSTOM OPTIONS - If you would like to hand it over to us please get in touch for a quote or for more info on labels printed to your specification.




CD / DVD / BLURAY 13mm high

7" 19mm high

12" 40mm high


7" Tabs PDF

7" Tabs WORD

12" Tabs Word /Open Office

12" Tabs PDF


CD/DVD Tabs word





Labelling Options