Record Dividers (white colour) by Filotrax UK
Record Divider
Filotrax Record Dividers (plastic) white LP divider tabs
Record Dividers for 12" LPs
Vinyl Shelving
Record Divider
12" record Divider in white
Diagram record divider for 12" records
White dividers for vinyl - use any way up!

12" LP Record Dividers (White)

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Filotrax Professional Plastic record dividers. [White]

The same size as standard 12" record in sleeve with a 40mm (4cm) high tab that runs half way across the top of divider. Easily customisable with sticky labels, label writers or write directly on them with marker pen. Made from 800 micron white plastic. 

Great for collectors, dealers and anyone with a large collection.

Make it easier to navigate your music archive - every record could be at your fingertips! Use either vertically or horizontally in any existing shelving, racking or vinyl storage. Simply slot between records!

For use as handy shelf markers and in flick through displays.