Put your books in order.
A to Z for organising books.
White bookshelf divider
Dividers slot between media
Book Dividers A to Z Kit White
Book Dividers A to Z Kit White

Book Dividers A to Z Kit White

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High quality durable plastic bookshelf dividers complete with A to Z stickers.

These slot into book shelves and will create an alphabetical filing system.
The L shape lip design helps prevent the divider getting lost behind books even in deeper shelves and provides a good size tab to label up.Equally suitable for home, library and retail use.Strong but flexible material.
Specification:12.5cm tall x 14cm long + Tab Protrudes 3.5cm
Includes 30 dividers & sheet of multiple sets of A-Z Labels.
Also available in black plus as blanks and larger packs.Universal - Can also be used for records,CD's and other media stored on shelves spine on.