LP dividers
12" LP Dividers (Black & White)
12" LP Dividers (Black & White)
Vinyl Separators For Indexing
Black Record Divider
12" dividers can be used either way up
Organise your record collection with Filotrax!
Tab on Filotrax divider for records.
12" divider with tab - photo shows tab height above record sleeve.
12" LP Dividers (Black & White)
Plastic Tabs for albums

12" LP Dividers (Black & White)

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12" Dividers - mixed black and white packs.

Mixed Colour pack half white / half black.
12" record dividers by Filotrax with 40mm high tabs. 
These are made from high quality black plastic - strong but flexible 800 micron.
Use either way up (horizontally or vertically)
Get Your discs sorted!
other size packs available.
*note records / labels in photos not included! ; )